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(Interference Cancellation System)

Radio system
3G / 4G / 5G
Freq band
700MHz to 3.9GHz
Type of multiple bands
Single / DUO / TRIO
Type of deployment
Indoor / Outdoor
Output Power
10mW to 30W
ICS performance
20dB of cancellation depth
ICS refers to the technology that uses DSP algorithm to remove the interference
when output signal of the repeater returns as part of the input.
Output signal will vary in both amplitude and phase in the course of different
propagation paths, and if these signals are fed back into the antenna input,
they will interfere with normal output signals.
Feedback signals can be regarded with a time delay compared to the normal
output, and feedback signals that has minimum window length can be removed
through ICS algorithm.
The main performance indicators of ICS can be expressed as the maximum
operating system gain compared to Isolation, and the repeater gain can be set up
up to 25 dB compared to the isolation measured by DSP.